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Orlando Graphic Design Since 1991

Orlando graphic design company Toucan Design has proudly been based in Orlando Florida since 1991.

We’re a graphic design & web design firm located in the Central Florida area.


Graphic design, Advertising, Marketing Services & Printing Company. Graphic designers specializing in Orlando web design, print or printing, brochures, catalogs, logo design, ads, sales kits, web design, menus, computer graphic arts, for manufacturers, restaurants, night clubs, hotels and many other companies.


More than a printing and web design company, Toucan Design can guide your company through the graphic design process and navigate web design and printing development yielding the printed or electronic piece you are looking for. Also, translating that same great idea into electronic, or web design. Your sales collateral and web site design will have the continuity you are looking for.


We’ve created logos and web design for NBA Orlando Magic players. Specialty promotions in the Amway Arena. Menus and web design in many Central Florida restaurants. Web design and e-commerce websites for many manufacturers and businesses. Brochures for many Central Florida companies looking to promote themselves locally and in other states.


Our web design process encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.


The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.

Contact us today for a free consultation by phone and see how Toucan Design can get your web site to where you envision.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Orlando graphic design company Toucan Design establishes perceived emotional corporate image as a whole for your brand.


We establish your identity and the visual aspects that form part of your overall brand. Allowing us to create a logo which identifies your business in it’s simplest form via the use of a  mark or icon.


We use our technical and typographic skills to arrange and style words and numbers as they appear on a page. Toucan Design’s design activities include choosing font types, sizes and colors to create attractive headlines and text-based presentations that will catch your customer’s eye.


Determining letter and line spacing, integrating illustrations and photographs and laying out pages are also part of Toucan Design’s duty. Orlando graphic design firm, Toucan Design, combines images and text to create the layouts for advertising and marketing campaigns and other various print design.

Web Design

Bring your brand electronically to the internet with a new or upgraded web site. We use all the tools in our toolbox to make sure your web site is ready for today's standards.

Print Design

Your company's brand requires not only good print design but continuity throughout your entire campaign. Let our Orlando graphic design company create a new or overhaul your existing dated marketing material.

Branding & Logo Design

Your marketing strategy begins with Toucan Design creating a differentiated name and image in order to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind and attract and keep your customers.


The production of your advertisements for commercial products or services is complimented by Orlando graphic design firm Toucan Design’s 25 years of experience.


Rely on Toucan Design for promoting and selling your products or services, including market research and advertising, from concept to design in your publication..


It’s your brand and achieving consistent results representing your product or business is paramount. Communicating quality attracts customers who value quality and are willing to pay for it.


Our company is specialized in consulting, developing and expanding businesses large and small.

25 years of design consultancy and execution experience, helping individuals and organization evolve to their full business potential.


25 Years Has Built Up Quite a portfolio

Since 1991 we’ve accumulated quite a few statistics


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The most important part is you.

Our design firm is nothing without you. Make the first step and contact us. We don’t bite. Toucan Design has formed 20 year relationships with numerous Central Florida companies and businesses. We’d like to include you as well.